January 2014
                                                               Panamerican Leaders,

                                                                                      It is with great pleasure I bring to you a new and improved website to honor                                                                  all volunteers and donors for their time and contributions. We hope this New Year not only                                                                  bring us closer together but our numbers of less struggling, troubled youths than we first                                                                    initially started with. Helping hand and hand together to make this world a better world. 

                                                                                                                  I like to give Congratulations to all volunteers, donors, and staff for their hard                                                                work and efforts, because without these three key elements, we would not have a  solid                                                                      backbone to run this Non-Profit Organization nor help those who are now currently facing
                                                               difficult times.

                                                                                      We currently stand strong with our Mission and Vision to help youths to find
                                                               strength to lead, but we have now also found we need to find solitude within the Family                                                                        Circle. Helping struggling families, children will not only be expose to sudden changes but
                                                               positive atmosphere around them creating a new path for their future.
                                                                                       I am surrounded in the presence of good samaritans who have chosen to
                                                               not only devote their time but strength to helping others who are less fortunate. On behalf 
                                                               of Panamerican USA Foundation and myself, I am honored to see great accomplishments                                                                    from hard working people.
                                                                                       We hope you enjoy our new fantastic webpage and follow us for great                                                                        future opportunities. Thank you all who made this foundation possible.


                                                               Kermit Mantilla

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